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web applications, &
mobile & desktop apps

I'm passionate about quality interfaces.

I feel that the best UI and front-end experiences are clear, concise, and easy to understand. There should be no guesswork on the user's end; a workflow should feel natural.

My talent is harnessing the power of modern web standards, along with a variety of Javascript toolkits and frameworks, to produce usable, intriguing, powerful front-ends. I have expertise in:

  • Hand-written vanilla Javascript and jQuery
  • JS frameworks, including Knockout, Backbone, and Dojo
  • From-scratch HTML(5) and CSS(3)
  • PSD/AI-to-HTML/CSS conversions

If you've got a front-end or UI task that needs tackled, chances are I can handle it. Drop me a line!

mockups, &
working prototypes

Sketching and prototyping are necessary steps in the process of working towards a beautiful UI.

By collaborating in order to determine the most logical, streamlined workflow for your users, we can establish a baseline from where the UI's construction can begin.

These first steps can save you time and man-hours, as well as lead you towards the creation of a fantastic front-end that users will embrace.

Let me assist you in creating a gorgeous, easy-to-use interface that will wow your users.

about me &
contact information

My name is Josh, and I'm a front-end developer/UI designer currently living in Chicago.

I'm a huge Javascript fanatic and love dreaming up ways to solve user interface problems in an elegant, well-designed and -executed manner.

I also love trying to coax Javascript into doing things it wasn't originally designed to do; desktop and mobile application development always fascinates me.

In my personal life, I love heavy music, tattoos, horror movies, and the never-ending process of learning.

At this point in time, I am available for new projects. Whether it's a contract position or freelance project, local or remote, I am available for work (and love to travel!).

Shoot me an email at jkymarsh[at], contact me on any of my social networks, or use the widget below to call via Google Voice.

In addition to checking out some code samples on Github, please head over to my portfolio to see some more visual examples of my work.

Additionally, please download my resume and have a look at my credentials.