J. Ky Marsh is a UX engineer, musician, photographer, and writer currently living in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Personal statement

J. Ky Marsh portrait

Originally from Maine, I've been fortunate to have my career pull me across the country - first to Chicago, then to San Francisco, where I currently reside. I've worked for a variety of companies of all sizes, from boutique agencies to large corporations, generally working within the realms of UI design, UX design, and front-end development, with a smattering of related disciplines thrown in.

Outside work, I stay busy with myriad side projects - playing in bands, writing poetry, shooting photography - maintaining an assortment of creative outlets has always been a constant throughout my life. In fact, my scholastic background is in music - I only pivoted to the realms of computer science and visual design in the years following college.

I'm always looking to expand my network and indulge my creative compulsions, so please find my contact information below and don't hesitate to reach out. Additionally, I'm perpetually interested in sharing and trading work and feedback with other artists. Let's talk.

Portfolio companies

Google, Dev Bootcamp, Coyote Logistics, Manifest Digital, Sears, Mattel, Aon logos

For full work history and experience, see the Resume page.

Get in touch

I'm not currently available for full-time employment opportunities. However, I'm always interested in side projects, so if your role meets this criteria, feel free to reach out.

My email address is jkymarsh@gmail.com.