personal statement

My name is Josh (though I tend to go by J. Ky), and I'm a passionate, motivated, neurotic, perfectionistic front-end developer and UI designer who's always looking for my next challenge.

With well over a decade of experience writing code and producing design elements under my belt, I'm at a point in my career where I'm searching for positions that will allow me to share my expertise and really spread my wings when it comes to mastery of my craft. I've produced a number of libraries, tools, and frameworks (all available on Github) aimed at improving and simplifying front-end development and UI design, and I'm perpetually interested in developing new tools, philosophies, and design patterns that can elevate the ways we write code and produce software.

My extensive experience with front-end development, combined with my familiarity with design, make me a valuable addition to any team. Furthermore, I can hold my own when it comes to full-stack development, and have produced test-driven applications on a variety of tech stacks, including Ruby on Rails, ASP.NET, and Node.js.

I'm located in beautiful San Francisco, and I'm looking for my next step. Help me in my search for an awesome, inspiring position on a great team!

work experience

  1. Lead Front-End Developer/Instructor, Dev Bootcamp

    July 2014 - Present

    As lead front-end developer at Dev Bootcamp, I'm responsible for design and development of the user-facing portions of a variety of web properties, including the official DBC website. I've used a variety of libraries and frameworks across these properties, including a few of my own: nuclide, tiny responsive grid, and lament configurator.

    In my instructor role, I've taught multitudes of students a variety of web development and design concepts, from OO fundamentals, to Ruby on Rails conventions, to Atomic CSS principles. Dev Bootcamp's curriculum runs the gamut of web development essentials, and as an educator, I've been responsible for conveying these to many cohorts of bright-faced students.

  2. Front-End Developer/UI Designer, Freelance/Contract

    December 2010 - Present

    I often take on freelance/contract front-end and UI work, the scope and scale of which vary greatly. I've produced code and applications for Mattel, Aon-Hewitt, Sears, Manifest Digital, and many other companies of various sizes. My emphasis is always producing solid, readable, performant code that scales well, and my perfectionistic attitude assists me in achieving that end goal!

  3. Lead Front-End Developer, Coyote Logistics

    August 2012 - March 2014

    As lead front-end developer at Coyote Logistics, I led development of our user-facing codebase and user interfaces. In my role, I was responsible for ensuring the high quality of our code, as well as producing an end-user experience that was stable, fast, and enjoyable to use. I often produced functional prototypes, as well as unit-tested JS and scalable HTML/CSS for use across multiple web applications.

    Our primary technologies at Coyote were ASP.NET, Backbone.js, Inuit.css, and a variety of testing and build tools.

  4. Front-End Developer/Web Producer, Word of Mouth Marketing Association

    October 2010 - November 2011

    As front-end developer and web producer at WOMMA, I was responsible for all web development and design across our web properties, including the official WOMMA website. I produced scalable HTML/CSS for use across a variety of websites, as well as modular PHP that followed OO principles and best practices.

    Our primary technologies at WOMMA were PHP, vanilla JS, and hand-written, modular CSS.

  5. Front-End Developer/UI Designer,

    May 2010 - October 2010

    As front-end developer and UI designer at Wed101, I was responsible for designing and developing the user interfaces for our user-facing web products, including the official Wed101 application. A variety of functional prototypes were produced, and these prototypes were often converted into production code for use on the application.

    Our primary technologies at Wed101 were PHP, vanilla JS, and hand-written, modular CSS.

  6. Lead Front-End Developer/UI Designer,

    May 2009 - May 2010

    As lead front-end developer at Oglebug, I was responsible for producing functional prototypes and deployed production code for the user interfaces of our official web application. These interfaces underwent a variety of rounds of user testing, resulting in a web application that was refined, usable, and performant.

    Our primary technologies at Oglebug were PHP, vanilla JS, and hand-written, modular CSS.


  1. The Nine Circles of Hell: Front-End Development for Sharepoint, Self-published

    March 2013

    The Nine Circles of Hell: Front-End Development for Sharepoint is an eBook on the topic of front-end development using the Microsoft Sharepoint content platform.


  1. Professional Scrum Developer I,

    September 2012
    Professional certification via